The Best Of The Interwebs #2

As big fans of Watsky we can always his videos to be creative and hilarious.  Watsky’s Whoa Whoa Whoa combines everything in …


LOTR Plot Holes..Explained?

If you’ve been paying attention to the podcast( and if you haven’t you should stop reading and help yourself to audio gold …

A look into the upcoming changes coming to Marvel

  Following the most recent podcast, here are some details on the upcoming changes to the Marvel universe.  Rants aside what do you think?  Is this a needed change to a masculine filled muscle fest or … → August 8, 2014


TROPES…The Word I love to Hate

Trope…the stupidest word on the interwebs.  Thankfully, cynics exist that have a hatred equal to mine.  Enjoy this humorous article sure to …

Huge Crater In Siberia

Just when you thought the world was crazy enough?  This huge crater is causing much confusion and giving way to  rumors as …


Don’t you just hate those late-night infomercials? Enjoy

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